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Muscle & flow.

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Muscle & flow

Yoga: Remixed. This class will take traditional yoga and give it some edge. It’s part Power, part Vinyasa fused with elements of sports training, fitness and Pilates. Think Plyos & Poses. It’s heart-pumping & calming. It’s Beastmode & Zen. And it’s a whole lot of Hip Hop & R&B. Challenge your mind, body and convention and put some bass in your chakra. Go Hard and Go OM!

Created by Shauna Harrison 2011

Muscle & Flow
hot spot oakland

Experience Shauna's Muscle & Flow class first hand at Hot Spot Oakland.




A selected Mindbodygreen collective mentor, Shauna shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise to help guide people along their wellness journey.

20 minute workout challenge

Take Shauna's 20 minute workout challenge with 7 20-minute videos to tone your body with yoga, HITT and more.


What started as a simple challenge on Instagram has turned into a community that rallies for movement. Join us. Sweat. Every. Day. Get outside, go inside, to take classes, go for runs, take the stairs, fit in a workout whenever, however, wherever you can. Because movement. Because sweat. Because we can. 

Go out and move. Share. Tag #SWEATADAY. 

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