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MINDBODYGREEN - These Are The Seriously Overlooked Benefits Of Working Out

Getting in shape has become virtually synonymous with "carve the body into a given physical ideal." We glorify the six-pack, celebrate the bikini body, and are on this hamster wheel chasing aesthetic greatness. Having been part of the fitness industry for 22 years, I am well aware that, from a marketing standpoint, the six-packs, bikini bodies, and booty-lifting appeal affect people's desires, in terms of imagery as much as verbiage.

I do think that as an industry, though, we have a responsibility to direct the conversation and tell the whole story. Yes, a beautiful body is sexy. But do you know what else is sexy? Living longer. Living fully. Living at our maximum physical and cognitive function. Living at our greatest potential for as long as possible. And none of these things require a sculpted physique to achieve. They can, however, be achieved with regular and consistent physical activity.

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