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PETE MCCALL: ALL ABOUT FITNESS - Podcast with Shauna Harrison

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

What motivates you to exercise? Do your friends - both real life and social media connections - create a positive influence that encourages you to make time for a workout even though it might be the last thing you want to do?

Social media can be a double-edged sword: on one hand it can be an incredible time suck that keeps you from doing more important things but on the other hand it can be a powerful tool for interacting with friends who push you to make time for exercise even though you may not feel like it. On this episode of All About Fitness, popular Instagram influencer Shauna Harrison talks about her journey from step instructor in high school to earning a PhD in public health to becoming one of the more well-known fitness personalities on social media. Shauna shares how her approach to fitness has evolved over the years and discusses the impact that social media has to help others increase their levels of physical activity. This is an engaging and informative conversation that you don't want to miss!

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