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SWEATADAY May 2018 Recap

And we’re back!

Now in full swing, this month’s SWEATADAY featured flexing, jumping, breathing and even a little adventure. Here you can find a recap of the month of May I?

Week One: May I Jump In?

If you’re looking for some creative ways to incorporate that jump rope in your workouts, this week is packed with fun footwork and rhythms you’ll be jumping to try. Jump Rope Crossed Up Scissor Jacks Jump Rope High Knees Jump Rope Hip Twists Jump Rope Hopscotch Jump Rope Lateral Toe Taps Jump Rope Slalom

Week Two: May I Flex? Who’s ready to feel strong? This week is loaded strength-based exercises that you can do with minimal equipment. BiTri Curl Press Lunge Twists Rollout and Roll Up Down Dog Double Taps Double Row Side Plank Squat Lift Lunge Single-Arm Offset Chest Press Gliding Scissor Pikes

Week Three: May I Just Breathe? A great series of flow to help you ground yourself and merge breath with movement. Sound a lot like yoga, right? Anjaney to Chair Reverse Table Hover Camel Pose Prep Eka Pada Push-Up Prep Warrior III Squat and Curl Malasana Hops

Week Four: May I Go Outside? Now that the weather is finally turning a corner here in the Bay, it’s time to get up and get out. This week is all about taking in some vitamin D and taking advantage of the natural gym around you outside. Dip and Touch Curbside Burpees Reverse Bench Step Ups Decline Push and Load Hop Scotch Swing Lunges Swing Crunch Pike


SWEATADAY Member Highlight: Pam Carrigan (@funfitness)

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